We understand that often a company's needs for legal services can only be resolved with proper legal advice. SF Legal is proud to provide professional, appropriate and comprehensive legal advice for our clients.


We serve our clients with dispute settlement assistance before the Indonesian courts. Our team of litigators has strong trial competence and aptitude in all regions across the country. Our litigation approach emphasizes regulatory and normative defenses with a profound understanding of our clients’ problems. Our experience covers various cases involving multiple claims and parties, from marriage settlements to high-profile cases such as corruption crimes.

During their lawyering experience, our team have gained strong ability in representing clients during the dispute resolution process: whether through litigation in the district court, commercial court, superior court, or Supreme Court, dealing with police and prosecutors, as well as through a process of resolution outside the court.

Our team serves clients with various legal services in the labour sector, including work permits for expatriate workers, employment contracts, labour unions, and employment policies. We also represent clients in labour disputes before the Industrial Relations Court.

We also provide legal services to clients on civil litigation processes in the District Court such as corporate issues, claims of contract, land law, civil law, petitions and claims.

  • Out of Court Settlement
  • Accounts Receivable Collection
  • Civil, Commercial and Corporate Litigation
  • Bankruptcy and Payment Obligation Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Corruption Crime
  • Divorce
  • Labour and Employment Litigation
  • Administrative Litigation


Anti-Monopoly rules have always been an intricate and essential element in the operation of any business. Our team provides advisory services on unfair trade practices by addressing all dimensions of anti-monopoly and competition risk, including by representing clients before the Indonesian Anti-Monopoly Supervisory Commission (KPPU).

The team includes lawyers who are experienced in handling business competition cases during preliminary hearings at the KPPU as well as in the objection process at the District Court. We offer comprehensive legal advice informed by the latest legal and economic analysis. Our team will defend your interests in the objection process at the District Court until the process at the Supreme Court.


Examination of preliminary evidence is an examination conducted to obtain preliminary evidence of suspected tax misconduct, so in this case the preliminary evidence examination is a tool that aims to reveal the existence of preliminary evidence of an alleged tax crime. If tax irregularities and criminal acts are found, it is followed up with a full investigation, while if there is no initial evidence of alleged fraud and tax crime, the information, data, reports or complaints cannot be used as evidence of alleged criminal acts in taxation.

  • Preliminary Evidence
  • Initial Investigation
  • Investigation

Our team will accompany the taxpayer during the preliminary evidence examination process and will ensure that the taxpayer's legal interests are met if it continues to the investigation process until the investigation is declared to fulfil the element of a tax crime and the case file is declared complete to be submitted to the District Court.