Assistance on Customs & Excise planning, audit, objection to the DGCE, appeal to the Tax Court, judicial review to the Supreme Court.


Our team serves clients with various types of assistance in preparing and providing documents needed, and represents you in the objection process at the Customs Authority (DGCE), appeal process at the Tax Court, and reconsideration (judicial review) at the Supreme Court.

Steps to resolve customs and excise disputes: Understanding the dispute that occurs, conducting a regulatory review of the dispute, reviewing and preparing countermeasures related to the dispute, assisting the client in preparing letters of objection, appeal and/or reconsideration, and accompanying and/or representing the client in the objection, appeal and/or reconsideration processes.

  • Objection Process at the Customs Authority (DGCE)
  • Appeal Process at the Tax Court
  • Reconsideration/Counter Memorandum for Judicial Review at the Supreme Court

In addition to providing assistance to clients as described above, our team also accompanies and defends the interests of clients from the investigation process to the criminal process of Customs and Excise cases.

  • Initial Investigation
  • nvestigation


Our team serves clients with various guidance and assistance when you are being audited by the Customs Authority (DGCE), to help you understand the audit process and how to counter the audit findings.

Steps to conduct the Customs and Excise Audit Assistance: Understanding the client’s business process and/or business plan, estimating the audit data needed, audit target, audit risks, reviewing and preparing data and/or documents for customs audit, assisting in the customs audit process, accompanying and/or representing the client in meetings and/or discussion with auditors, and assisting the client in preparing answers or a response letter to the audit findings.


Our team assists you in your daily customs clearance operations by providing all data and information related to your import/export activities, such as:

  • Determination of correct HS Code
  • Assistance in explaining to the Customs Authority (DGCE)
  • Advice regarding Customs Declaration


We can run a tailor-made Customs & Excise Training for your employees needs within the scope of the Indonesian Customs & Excise Regulation.


Our team will assist you in getting licenses, permits, and certifications related to customs and excise business processes such as NIB, KITE, Master List, Bonded Zone License, Bonded Logistic Center, Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), Temporary Import, Re-export License and others.

Steps to conduct the license arrangement:
Determining licenses, certifications, or facilitation of customs and excise required according to the client’s business process, assisting the client in preparing the documents needed, and accompanying and/or representing the client in meetings and/or discussion to obtain licenses or facilitation instruments.
The types of facilitation available include:

  • Import facility for export purpose, which provides import duty exemption for materials used for the production of goods for export (KITE).
  • Import duty exemptions for newly established or expanding foreign investment manufacturing companies (Master List).
  • Bonded Zones, Bonded Warehouses and Free Trade Zones, which in general provide import duty and import tax exemptions, subject to certain conditions.
  • Temporary import with import duty exemptions and/or relief.
  • Pre-clearance of import with import duty and import tax deferment.


In business, customs and excise risks are factors that can disrupt the smooth operation of your business, it is very important to mitigate, manage and minimize or even eliminate all potential customs and excise risks in your business.

We will review the management of all possible risks from customs and excise in your business process and will provide you with solutions based on the regulations to eliminate or minimize the risks. Steps to conduct the review: understanding the client’s business process and/or business plan, performing testing of transaction data samples, providing information to clients regarding the customs and excise regulations that may be violated, and calculating potential customs billings that may arise; providing schemes, SOPs and any other tools to prevent those risks from happening in the future.

  • Planning
  • Consultation
  • Customs Review/Due Diligence


Our team provides all documents and requirements in the application process for refund of customs duty, meeting with the customs authorities until the issuance of the refund decision.

Steps to conduct the customs duty refund: understanding the customs duty and excise that can be refunded, assisting in preparing documents and requirements regarding the refund process, and accompanying and/or assisting the client in the process of customs duty and excise refund.