We take a strategic approach when assisting our clients in achieving their tax management objectives. Our team of professionals is involved from preparation, planning, and determination of action steps all the way through to execution and implementation.

Assistance in Customs Clearance Process

  • Determination HS Code
  • Assistance in explaining to Customs Officer
  • Advice regarding Customs Declaration

Customs Facility

  • Import facility for export purpose that provides import duty exemption for materials used for the production of export goods - KITE
  • Import duty exemptions for newly established or expanding foreign capital investment companies manufacturing - Masterlist
  • Bonded Zones, Bonded Warehouses and Free Trade Zones that in general provide import duty and import tax exemptions subject to certain conditions
  • Temporary import with import duty exemptions and/or reliefs
  • Pre-clearance import with import duty and import tax deferment

Customs Disputes

  • Audit Process
  • Objection Process
  • Appeal Process
  • Reconsideration/Contra Memory

Customs Risk Management

  • Planning
  • Consultation
  • Customs Review/Due Deligence